Cierre offers a service of designing and manufacturing products certified UL (traceability cablatore).
The processes involve wiring signal, Ropes power, Flat Cable, Connectors co-molded, and in general electrical wiring used in the USA and CANADA.

The file certification Cierre registered at UL is the No. E343695

The framework is WIRING HARNESSES:

  • ZPFW2 (UL 817) for the US market and
  • ZPFW8 (UL 764) for the market CANADA

For customers that require certification by Cierre starts with an analysis of the single product, in order to identify the consistency for the Security of each component of raw material, and to ensure its traceability of each production lot.

Subsequently, the wiring is marked UR (Recognized) with original labels UL recognition.

UL performs surprise inspections at the premises Cierre, usually four per year, to ensure the adequacy of the processes and the requirements to UL.

UL is traditionally recognized as one of the accredited bodies for certification of the product, and synonymous with high standards of quality and safety, both for products that have mandatory regulations and the target market USA or Canada, but, thanks to the reputation earned over the years , also for the markets of Europe and Asia.

For any further information, or to get a quote for a product UL, please contact our sales office

UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is an independent organization that deals with product certifications been testing and developing safety standards for over a century. Each year, UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and business systems releasing 20 billion UL Marks on these products than 66,000 producers. The network of branches and service network of UL extends around the world with its 68 laboratories to test and certify products for customers in 102 countries.


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