28 Saturdays November 2009 in occasion of the Day of the provincial Riconoscenza, near knows it conferences to it of the camerale center of Ferrara has been delivered to the acknowledgment “Chamber of Commerce” to CIERRE, withdrawn from the founder Renato Chiavieri, with this motivation:

In order to have known to achieve shining it turns out to you, in the arc of a solid and uninterrupted distance of business development begun already in 1970, and to have known to assert itself in a comparto strongly specialistic and selective of the subfornitura electronic, which the planning and the production of electronic equipment.

Awarding renato chiavieri“The Day of the Provincial Acknowledgment - it has specified the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara, Carlo Alberto Roncarati - was instituted in order before in Italy in by now far away the 1963 from the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara. The initiative, thought in order to render homage to the own more deserving citizens, met endured remarkable succeeding, a lot that it came then adopted from moltealtre Chambers of Commerce and Institution in all Italy”.

“The rewarded persons - Roncarati continues - are all joined from a great merit: the encomiabile profuse engagement in the attainment more and more high objects you of development, characterizes them and collective, of our community.

Their example represents a strong stimulus in order to face economic and social therefore arduous and impegnativo a context, as that one puts into effect them. In which, however, he will be still the man to represent the decisive factor and the true motor of the progress.

A role that does not get exausted sure in the sun technical and professional competences, but very more assumes meaning ennobling, becoming rich of irreplaceable values for the progress, which the culture, the solidarity and the civil participation”.

The prize has been delivered from the prefetto of Ferrara. 

Ferrara, 28 November 2009




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