CIERRE informs that, after a demanding course, has obtained the ISO14001 environmental certification for its manufacturing and logistics, in Serravalle (FE) and Castelguelfo (BO), according to the pattern 14001.

The certificate, issued by TUV Italy, establishes the level of Certifications and environmental compatibility of production sites and warehouses Cierre, sensitivity and respect for the sustainability of their processes.

CIERRE is an industry that operates in outsourcing electronics for leading global clients, and believes strategically important and constantly improve its Certifications and technological culture.

CIERRE adopted a systematic optimization of resources, attention to waste, and a conscious use of available resources. Work vigorously for managing the entire process to occur with minimal environmental impact and preventing pollution.

Already ISO9001 certified and UL-CSA approved for U.S. and Canada, with the ISO14001 certification CIERRE decided to further raise the level of performance and ensuring continuity offerings to its customers.

CIERRE thanks resources involved in the preparation and conduct of the environmental certification process, and particularly their commitment to reaching the desired result quickly.

For any queries, please contact the management systems Federica Braiati at or by phone 0532 876 845.



Italy TÜV is an independent certification and inspection in Italy since 1987 and member of the TÜV SÜD Group, founded in 1866. The structure has grown over the years and the internationalization of business has contributed to strong growth in foreign operations and the development of offices around the world. And 'present in 60 countries for a total of more than 14,000 employees





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