INDUSTRIAMOCI - Cierre visited from the classes 3^ medium inferior "A. Manzoni" of Mesola and Bosco Mesola, in occasion of the national initiative of Unindustria for the promotion of the industrial activities.

INDUSTRIAMOCI is an organized initiative on a national level from Unindustria for the promotion of the activities and of the industrial processes of the small-medium industries near the institutes you drained us of the territory, initiative to which it has joined in edition 2010.

Cierre, cha gladly has joined to the initiative of the 19-11-2010, it has been likeably “invaded” from the classes 3^ medium inferior "A. Manzoni" of Mesola and Bosco Mesola, and from its 43 pupils, which have been able to observe give close as he comes structured and organized an industrial process in the Electronic field, which equipments come employed, which the members base use you, as the finished products are introduced ready to send.

The visit has snodata round the several units of business of the company in the main center of Serravalle (FE), and has been lead from three various groups at the same time.

The pupils, you follow yourself from the own ones teaching have received the welcome of Beatrice Chiavieri (in charge of the Staff), and subsequently they have been accompanies to you in the visit from Federica Braiati (in charge of the Certifications), Massimiliano Sacchi (responsible Logistics) and Marco Avanzi (industrial engineering) which has illustrated the main characteristics of the processes, and answered to the several questions placed from the boys.

The visit has been protratta for approximately 2 hours in the business route, and it has been concluded with a small refreshment with the classroom. Although the much specific atmosphere of Cierre, has been positi to you the comments on the day in Company are from part of the students who of the own ones teaching; a experience that favors the acquaintance of the present activities on the territory and concurs with the boys makes an own idea of the Industrial truth, dirattamente on the field.

Between the taken part ones of the day, rag the Angiolino Moretti (Unindustria Ferrara) and the Dr. Filippo Barbieri (city council member to the productive activities of the Common one of Berra), accompanies from the CIERRE administrator Renato Chiavieri.


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