INDUSTRIAMOCI - Cierre visited by classes 3d Thermal Operator, 4th Technical energy systems and 4th electrical systems technician dell'IIS "Remo Brindisi" of the Lido degli eEstensi at the second edition of N ational Initiative for the Promotion of Unindustria industrial activities.

INDUSTRIAMOCI now in its second edition is an initiative organized nationally by Unindustria for the promotion of industrial activities and processes of small and medium industries at the local schools, an initiative which has joined in the 2011 edition.

Cierre, which joined the initiative of 25/11/2011, was visited by 3d and 4th of IIS "Remo Brindisi" from Lido degli estensi , we were able to observe closely how it is structured and organized an industrial process in Electronic, such equipment is used, such as the basic components used, showing how the finished products ready to ship.

The visit was articulated around the various business units of the company headquartered in Serravalle (FE).

The students, followed by their teachers were welcomed by Beatrice Chiavieri (Personnel Manager) and Dr. Daniel Ponselé (Unindustria representative), and then were accompanied in the visit by Stefano Cattin (Head of Technical Department) and Massimiliano Sacchi (head of Logistics), who explained the main characteristics of the processes, and answered various questions from kids.

The visit lasted for about 2 hours in the itinerary company, and ended with a salute to the schoolchildren of refreshments. Positive comments about the day in the company of students from both of their teachers, an experience that promotes knowledge of the activities in the area and allows the students to form their own idea of ​​reality, Industrial, in the field.




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