The 600 square meter factory houses a number of automatic systems for cutting, peeling and the marking of cables unipolar and multipolar. The cables go from 0.22 sq. mm up to 240 sq. mm. There are also flat cables up to 50 routes and flat braids or round bare copper. CIERRE produces cables for the civilian, Industrial, Automotive, White and Agriculture market.

Cierre offers a service of molding cables, connectors, grommets, and special accessories, so technical solutions designed specifically for the product can be achieved. Our technical department supervises the stamps realization.The department has presses for crimping the terminals equipped with an integrated Certifications control system, based on a load cell computer that monitors every single crimping. The unit load cells are tested internally to determine their effectiveness, through tests with primary instruments.

Logo ULCierre is UL certified according to the scheme WIRING harnesses ZPFW2 (UL 817) for the U.S. market and ZPFW8 (UL 764) for the market CANADA. The certificate file is E343695. For customers that require it, the certification will start with an analysis of each product was aimed at ensuring the consistency of the safety of each component of raw material, and to ensure its traceability of each production lot. The wiring is marked UR (Recognized) with original labels UL recognition. (info)

  • Cutting, stripping, stripping wire from 0.22 to 240 sq. mm
  • Marking the cable line or individually, hot jet, with a label
  • Crimp terminals and lugs, bare or pre-insulated, loose, tapes from 0.22 to 240 sq. mm
  • Processing Flat cables with insulation drilling step 1.27 and 3.96
  • Crimping cord leading wires on Rigid rheophores with “splice”
  • Special resinated anti-oil cables with crimped terminals, encapsulated
  • Construction harness preformed to measure, on customized table
  • Hot Melt molding with cables, grommets, connectors
  • Potting cables with epoxy resins, silicones
  • Special cables , anti-oil, immersion, fixed wiring, mobile posing,
    based on customer specifications

Each complex cabling prior to transport to the assembly department, is subjected to an automatic functional test that checks for continuity, inversion, the presence of components and short circuits.
Crimping machines are periodically verified by tensile tests carried out internally with dynamometers and calibrated load cells.

  • Supply harmonized cables IEC UL-AWG, AFUMEX
  • Providing special cables on client request
  • Control of diameter on line cable
  • Periodical maintenance of crimpers
  • Check sealing resin under pressure
  • Visual and functional testing
  • Test of rigidity, isolation, short circuit continuity, load current
  • Fatigue tests, bending, twisting
  • Tensile tests destructive and non destructive


Cable Machine

Cable Machine

Hot Melt

Flat cables assembling

Flat cables


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