Electronic boards
Electronic boards

CIERRE produces traditional and SMT boards for the civilian, Industrial, Automotive, White and Machinery Agriculture market. The department occupies a location especially dedicated to 400 sq. where operate skilled technicians and workers. The production activities are managed by working groups coordinated by a department responsible. The staff gets training and updated specific courses. Electronic boards are made with PTH and SMT technology through modern automatic lines. Capability of the department is about 400,000 pieces per year counting wired and assembled equipment.

The processes take place in accordance with echo-environmental regulations. The department’s equipment allows working with Lead Free process, or alternatively, with process tin - Lead.

  • Production of electronic, civic, professional, military boards
  • Prototyping, small, medium and large series
  • Assembly PTH, SMT or mixed SMT / PTH
  • Washing of the board
  • Assembly of the board in containers, racks, cases, etc..
  • Thermal profile oven recast controlled by using a 4 probes grader
  • Process single sided boards, double sided, multilayer
  • Spot welding or automatic wave or double wave
  • Features SMT Line
    • Automatic SMT active and passive components positioning from CHIP-0201, SOT, SOIC, QFP, PLCC, and up to BGA
    • Processing SMT point glue, soldering wire TOP, TOP + Point glue or thermal profile oven recast controlled by using a 4 probes grader
    • Line placement and recast completely automatic with Loading and unloading.
    • Optical Centering through in flight cameras or fixed cameras
    • Capacity approximately 36,000 components per hour
    • Import placing program via CAD
The electronic card department also provides assembly and the completion of cards in dedicated containers, racks, little panels. Then it provides passivation, testing and packaging. Some examples of products are: Power supplies, controls to drive openings, motor controllers, controllers for heating, proximity sensors, automotive control systems.

  • Supply components SMT, PTH, passive, active, programmable, PCB, cables, connectors, flat cables, boxes
  • Assembly with online flow
  • Potting, sealing, tropicalisation cards with resins or varnish
  • Molding - overmoulding cards with Hot Melt
  • Programming devices, PAL, GAL, EPROM, Single Chip
  • Welder wave thermal profile controlled through Grader
  • Functional Visual Testing, automatic.
  • Compliance endurance test, destructive test and fatigue test.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMC test
  • Voltage according to compulsory standards
  • Burnin

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