Power electronics

Over the years Cierre has developed a special ability to assemble units and groups of power, torque controlled tightening screws, assembling power subsysttem on heatsinks, and cable electronic switchboards and electrical panels up to 200 sq. mm cables

The production area has 1,000 square meters and includes a fully equipped laboratory for testing and burnin. There are working highly specialized employees that, on request, are sent to the customer.
The area of use is the Civil, Industrial and Rail area.
The capacity of the department takes about 10,000 products per year.

  • Production Solar Inverter, Industrial Inverter, Drive Motor Inverter
  • Production Groups of continuity UPS until 800 KVA
  • Battery Chargers, Chopper
  • Assembly Switchboards and cabinets
  • Power Modules and radiators of with Diode valves, Scr, Transistor, IGBT
  • Static groups, Locals Power Source from 500 W to 500 KW
  • Bridge crane for mounting up to 20 quintals transformers and inductive
  • Semi-finished and finished products
  • Particular and electromechanical groups
  • Frames, Cabinets, small carpentry
  • Completing with panel sealing
  • Packaging, packing, over seas
  • Forward to final destination, customs operations

The equipment used is subject of a strict program of periodic maintenance.
The tightening of electrical and mechanical fasteners use reliable guns and screwdrivers that are internally calibrated periodically using a torque wrench or torque SIT certificated to ensure full compliance of the clamp.

  • Supply components, fasteners, accessories, signal cables - power - flat
  • Picking and commissioning
  • Working Account Management and Management Deposit Account on behalf of clients, counting materials, keeping of stock, Certifications control acceptance, load management of customer DDT on the Internet.
  • Kanban replenishment stocks in 5 days.
  • Managing store finished products on behalf of Customer.
  • Management tracking lots.

  • Automatic visual and functional testing
  • Compliance endurance test, destructive test and fatigue test.
  • Testing for electromagnetic compatibility EMC and low voltage second. Binding regulations.
  • Rigidity, insulation, earth continuity test
  • Burnin at the rated voltage or increased


Testing inverter

aseembling power unit

IGBT - power module


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