Cierre offers to its customers a service of designing cards, cables and electronic equipment. This service offers a value-added production cooperation, in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

The proposed service extends to the electronic design and industrialization based on the specific operation of the Customer.

Design to produce
Design to Cost

Cierre provides technical design and industrialization focused on achieving the best balance of costs and benefits of the final product, as well as its manufacture considering a review of all components of the product, process and organization. This allows controlling all costs directly involved in the business model.

  • Collect customer requirements and technical specifications

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Development project researches solutions

  • Research and development of hardware

  • Development of software and firmware

  • Routing of master PCB

  • Preparation of prototypes

  • Industrialization

  • Technical design and production

  • Execution of test type or production

  • Tests for certification PreCompliance

  • FMEA Design and process

  • Study of the production process

  • Plants Industrialization

  • Research components

  • Research and consulting services for
    electrical and electromagnetic tests

  • Estimates of expenditure series and pre-series

  • Re-industrialization on value analysis or cost saving

  • Construction of prototypes and samples






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