CIERRE wants to be a landmark and a reliable partner that guarantees the continuity, development work, the satisfaction of the needs of its customers.
We consider the optimization of key products and processes based on research, innovation and technology development, management and control of all activities.

CIERRE Certifications policy aims to achieve:

  • products fully comply with standards and specifications, provided at competitive prices, and possibly exceed the expectations of customers
  • reliability of responses and delivery
  • the continuous improvement of compliance, process efficiency, the level of service
  • flexibility and responsiveness in support of changes and customer needs
Free Pass
Since 1996 CIERRE is able to operate in assurance FREE PASS Certifications, for customers who request it, doing all checks and tests, delivering the finished products directly to production lines in order to simplify the buying and acceptance of the Customer.

Each lot of components manufactured by CIERRE is identified by a code that summarizes the necessary information to trace the date of realization, the identity of staff that has worked on it and the materials and equipment used.

The history of the product is recorded in a computer database to enable an easy traceability of data for statistics or recall.

Cierre has made ​​a commitment to the environment by establishing an environmental policy-oriented

  • to full compliance with the regulations
  • pollution prevention
  • to reduce the environmental impact of the process
  • to spread environmental awareness both internally and among its suppliers.

The close link between quality and the environment is managed by an integrated management system focused on continuous improvement, involving all the transverse processes and organizational levels.
The involvement of all stakeholders in their activities with impact on quality-environment-safety increases the sense of collective responsibility-oriented goals and continuous improvement, with a rational use of resources.

ISO 9001

The Certifications management system CIERRE is certified by TUV Italy
according to ISO9001

Testing Cables



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