• Supply materials for sampling and mass production
  • Acquisition or import of components on clients requests
  • Analysis and optimization material handling
  • Management C / Work or C / Luggage reviews
  • Evaluation costs - benefits of the transition from C / Work to C / Full
  • Acceptance ofCustomer materials, Certifications control, management reporting non-compliance
  • Load document material directly to customer ERP via Internet or FTP
  • Picking, commissioning

  • Design Hardware and Software
  • Research & Development
  • Industrialization
  • Optimization and modifications of existing products
  • Review and edit drawings, bills of material, wiring tables
  • Inspection tests and scheduled tests
  • Stress tests, burnin
  • Creation of CAD drawings
  • Tests of traction crimped wires
  • Management of clients BOM


  • Formation of Stock C / customer deposit c/o Cierre
  • Formation of Stock C / deposit of Cierre c/o Customer
  • Safety Stock Management
  • Recovery Management Kanban stores
  • Completion, wrapped, packaged finished products
  • Packing overseas
  • Forwarding finished products to final customers

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