We are committed to become partners of our customers, sharing strategies and information, establishing agreements on the growth potential of technology and investment.

We offer a lean organization to ensure continuity and regularity of production, the ability to adapt quickly flows and production to the needs of the customer.

Total dedication and daily availability, a service that grows progressively according to the requests, trying to be constantly at high levels in: technology, Certifications, and productivity.

We’re helping to create new ideas for development, new organizational styles and work patterns.

CIERRE proposes methods of production Just in Time, Kanban, Freepass, useful to search optimization and simplification of support activities, as well as to prevent problems and promote Certifications in every step of the process.

We differentiate ourselves through synergy and completeness of our offering, which is the production of circuit boards, cables, and power electronics, or a mix of the three productions. It’s a Synergy that extends to the provision of services with high added value.

Our competitive strategy is based on the satisfaction of customers, and is divided into the following points:

  • Effectiveness of the operations, business processes, the Inventory
    management, logistics

  • Customer focus, promoting relationship contacts, harmony, knowledge of people and products and services they need.

  • Continuous improvement and innovation, predicting problems and anticipating needs.

We build long-term partnership oriented towards transparency, coherence, confidence and professionalism. Our Customers an average stay of 8 years, with peaks exceeding 25 years.


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